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  1. Q) Is the ViiFire Unit covered by warranty?
    A) The ViiFire Unit is covered by a standard 12 month (return to factory) warranty. Additional comprehensive 12 and 24 month on site cover is available (see price list) Contact ViiFire Maintain on +44 (0)2392 454405. Ext. 250 for details.
  2. Q) What are ViiFire Unit’s Warranties and Guarantees worth?
    A) All ViiFire Unit’s Warranties and Guarantees are supported by Coopers Fire Ltd. In addition Coopers has Public and Product liability of £10 million and Professional Indemnity of £5 million.
  3. Q) What maintenance does the ViiFire Unit require?
    A) It is a legal requirement to regularly maintain all fire rated equipment. As the ViiFire Unit is part of a life safety system and is connected to a fire alarm system there is an obligation under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to ensure testing is performed in accordance with BS5588-12. For details of our service and maintenance options contact ViiFire Maintain on +44 (0)2392 454405 Ext. 250.
  4. Q) How do I know when I need to replace the batteries and how long do they last?
    A) The standard manufacturers’ warranty for batteries is 12 months, however they can last much longer. Batteries should be regularly checked on maintenance visits. The ViiFire Unit will always default to its fire operational position in the event of battery failure, which is safe – but maybe inconvenient!. Instructions for maintenance are included however ViiFire Maintain also offer this service. For further details please contact ViiFire Maintain on +44 (0)2392 454405 Ext. 250.
  5. Q) Can I mount the side guides inside a reveal as well as on the face of an aperture?
    A) Yes, the ViiFire Unit is now available to be reveal fixed as well as face fixed - please contact ViiFire Technical for further advice on +44 (0)2392 454405 Ext. 248.
  6. Q) What happens if I have a mains power cut?
    A) Provided the unit is correctly installed following the fitting and installation instructions, the ViiFire Unit will remain retracted for 30 minutes and then descend under Gravity Failsafe - or immediately following an alarm signal.
  7. Q) Is the ViiFire Unit easy to connect - what do I need to provide?
    A) The ViiFire Unit fire curtain unit is fully ‘Plug and Play’. All cables are provided with snap connectors and power is via a standard factory fitted 230Vac 13A plug which must be connected to a dedicated supply. During this 30 minute period, the ViiFire Unit can still be operated for a limited time (depending on the number of operations).
  8. Q) Do you provide an installation service?
    A) Yes - Installation can be provided by a Coopers Approved ViiFire Installer at a reasonable additional cost, please contact ViiFire Install on +44 (0)2392 454405 Ext. 226.
  9. Q) Can the unit be boxed in to blend in with my existing decor?
    A) Yes - providing any exterior surround should not impair the normal function of the ViiFire Unit. Any custom made surround should be suitably fire rated - equivalent to the compartment and the product. For further details you should seek assistance from your local Building Surveyor at your local Building Control office. Consideration should also be made to access requirements for future maintenance.
  10. Q) Can the ViiFire Unit be used in a domestic or residential environment?
    A) Yes - the ViiFire Unit is a compact, lightweight and easy-to-fit unit, ideal for use in the home. Remember that all buildings outside of dwelling houses will be under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. It would be advisable to check with your local Building Control Office.
  11. Q) Can I have my ViiFire Unit unit in any colour?
    A) The standard finish is RAL white (9010) - other colours are available at additional cost (including (grade 316) stainless steel). We also offer Zintec coating (subject to availability) which allows for painting with emulsion paint to match the surrounding decor.
  12. Q) How will my ViiFire Unit be delivered?
    A) In a special ViiFire branded box, complete with fittings, instructions etc.
  13. Q) How heavy is my ViiFire Unit?
    A) Normally you will need 2 people to lift and install a ViiFire Unit safely. Refer to the chart for weights. Care should always be taken to refer to the Health and Safety Guidelines with regards to lifting.
  14. Q) How do I order a ViiFire Unit?
    A) By emailing us at sales@coopersfire.com, filling out a Quick Quote form here or by contacting ViiFire Sales on 0800 783 6628.
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