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Emergency Retract*

Push Switch or Touch Switch

Emergency Retract works using the battery back up in the event of a power failure for approximately 30 minutes depending on the size of the curtain.

* Emergency Retract buttons are not supplied as standard. Please ensure you check with the appropriate authority if emergency retract is required.

Voice Warning (2 Message)

Message 1 – Curtain descending
Message 2 – Curtain obstruction

Audio / Visual Beacon

Red Light – Flashing (not strobe) to indicate that the unit is operating.

Bump Stop (on bottom bar)

A pressure sensitive strip on the bottom bar senses the obstruction, causing the curtain to retract, pause, play the obstruction message, then descend again. This sequence is repeated three times in a row before finally descending regardless of obstruction.

Obstruction Light Curtain or Beam

The Light Curtain detects any obstruction within the whole opening. The Beam is a single horizontal beam, fitted at low level.

After 10 seconds of either being obstructed, the Voice Warning or Audio / Visual Beacon activates. This is a warning device only. The curtain will descend in the event of activation.

Fire Alarm input

The system is activated from main system or heat, smoke or thermal fuse alarm inputs. Detectors can be wired in series to extend cover.

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