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Smoke Seals Adjustment - 17·11·10

Smoke Seals for ViiFire are now available for occurrences when Smoke Control is required. With this addition comes a size increase for the side guides, which changes either the overall unit size or the resultant clear opening size depending on how the unit is fitted.

If you are Face Fitting the unit then the Overall Unit Width will be 230mm greater that the Clear Opening Width. That is an increase of 60mm from the standard unit.

If you are Reveal Fitting the unit then the original Clear Opening Width is reduced by 240mm, which includes a 10mm tolerance. That is an increase of 60mm from a standard unit.

Please Note: Height is not affected by the addition of Smoke Seals.

Reveal Fitting Option - 23·04·09

The option to fit a ViiFire product within the reveal of an opening is now available.

ViiFire Control Box Installation - 22·01·09

The Control Box for ViiFire Products may not be installed above 900mm from ground level as it is not fire rated.

Technical Brochure Available - 16·12·08

The Technical Information Brochure for the ViiFire Door is now available upon request from your nearest ViiFire approved installer.

Fire Rated Wire - 10·12·08

If the wiring between the ViiFire Door control box and the push to retract buttons is chased at high level or above ceiling height then fire rated cable with a minimum rating of FR200 must be used. Please specify this when asking for your ViiFire Door quote. If in doubt consult your local building control.

Stainless Steel Finish - 24·09·08

The maximum available width for a ViiFire Door with a Stainless Steel finish is currently 2500mm (For a clear opening of 2330mm or less).

Smoke & Heat Detectors - 22·09·08

At present, Smoke and Heat detectors required for ViiFire Systems must be purchased from ViiFire Sales. This is because they are wired to be compatible with Coopers' Gravity Fail Safe design.

Battery Back-Up - 01·09·08

Battery Back-Up is available for 30 minutes as standard

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